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Jenny Willott - First ever Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central

Jenny Willott


Welcome to my website, which holds information on my local and parliamentary activities, and on how you can contact me.

I hold regular advice sessions in my constituency office and in the community. For further information about my advice surgeries click the link below:

My advice surgeries

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Recent updates

  • jw lung test
    Article: Mar 5, 2014

    Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, is calling on Assembly Members in Cardiff to support the call for Wales to become the first country in the UK to establish a legal duty for safe nurse staffing levels in hospital wards.

    In December, Kirsty Williams AM was successful in the National Assembly's ballot to introduce backbench legislation. Her proposed bill calls for minimum nursing levels to be enshrined in law. Assembly Members will vote on the proposed bill today, March 5th.

  • Profile
    Article: Mar 4, 2014
    By https://www.gov.uk/government/news/building-girls-and-young-womens-resilience-to-social-pressures

    As Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014 comes to a close, Women and Equalities Minister Jenny Willott is warning that we urgently need to address the widespread problem of poor body image, as evidence mounts of its harmful effects on mental and physical wellbeing.

    With hospital admissions for eating disorders on the rise - 8% in the last year - and cosmetic procedures continuing to soar - over 50,000 performed in 2013, a rise of 17% since 2012 - some experts are claiming social media and celebrity culture are part of the problem.

  • Speaking2
    Article: Mar 4, 2014
    By https://www.gov.uk/government/news/misleading-websites-to-face-the-squeeze

    Misleading websites that try and palm themselves off as legitimate government services are to come under the spotlight from Trading Standards today (4 March 2014) as Consumer Minister Jenny Willott confirmed extra funding for them to help tackle these rogue traders.

    The Minister has committed an additional £120,000 this financial year to National Trading Standards Board (NTSB) so they can investigate these websites. This money will help NTSB also tackle websites that exaggerate the nature of the services they provide or deliberately underplay that people can get them for free or at a lower cost from official sources.

  • City Hall
    Article: Feb 28, 2014

    Cardiff Central's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Willott and South Wales Central regional Assembly Member Eluned Parrott have welcomed an extra £12 million to the National Assembly from the Westminster Government for broadband. This money is for the roll out of Superfast Cymru, a programme which is set to give 96% of homes in Wales access to broadband by 2016.

  • meets
    Article: Feb 28, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott attended the Bully Banks campaign day, "Brolly-Day", in Westminster on Wednesday 26th February to show her support for local SMEs damaged by alleged misconduct of high street banks. Jenny met with constituents Martyn Russell and Keith Glaister, who are two of several hundred small businesses owners who attended the "Brolly-Day" campaign day and met with their MPs.

  • Speaking3
    Article: Feb 26, 2014

    Jenny Willott, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, has reacted with outrage to news that the Welsh Government has not allocated £2.5m of a £12m fund to the vulnerable benefit claimants it was intended to help.

    The UK Government set up a network of Discretionary Assistance Funds to replace the Social Fund, which offered emergency payments to people needing urgent assistance. In Wales the fund is administered by the Welsh Government. Last April it was given £12.4m by Westminster to help in cases where people need urgent assistance and where there is an identified need to safeguard health and well being.

  • StDavids
    Article: Feb 25, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, Jenny Willott, recently met with politics students at St David's sixth-form college in Cardiff.

    Ms Willott gave the group an overview of her work as an MP and also of her role as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations & Consumer Affairs and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Women and Equalities. This was folllowed by a lively Q & A session and discussion on various issues, including Council cuts to youth services and the appalling situation in Syria. Miss Willott, who visits St David's College every year, said:

  • Jenny R and Jenny W with children
    Article: Feb 25, 2014

    Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott has joined Liberal Democrat colleagues in the Assembly calling on the Welsh Labour Government to improve access to affordable, quality childcare. This follows research showing that nearly one in three families spend 30% or more of their available earnings on childcare.

  • Will Griffiths, Aishling Baker, Jenny Willott MP and Charlotte Kelloway
    Article: Feb 24, 2014
    By https://www.gov.uk/government/news/brit-awards-record-labels-face-the-music-on-unpaid-interns

    Major record labels involved in this year's Brit Awards are among the latest targets of HMRC's continued crackdown on unpaid internships.

    Michelle Wyer, HMRC's Assistant Director, National Minimum Wage, said:

    Non-payment of the National Minimum Wage is not an option, it's the law, and we're letting the music industry know that we've got them in our sights. If they are not playing by the rules, now is the time to put things in order.

    Last year we fined over around 800 employers, so our message is clear: if you are not paying your interns, but should be, come forward now and put things right to avoid a penalty.

    Employment Relations Minister Jenny Willott said:

    "The music industry is often seen as a glamorous industry to work in, particularly for young people. However, that is no excuse for interns not to be paid at least the minimum wage if they are employed as a worker. We need to make sure that interns who want a career in music are getting a fair deal and are not being exploited.

    Letters to 35 record and events companies have been sent to set out the rules with follow up compliance visits due to begin later in the year to check the rules are being followed."

  • Speaking3
    Article: Feb 24, 2014
    By https://www.gov.uk/government/news/good-news-for-employers-and-staff-as-improved-tupe-rules-come-into-force

    Changes have been made to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE), which protect the employment terms and conditions of employees who are transferred from 1 organisation to another. The regulations have been improved to make sure both employers and staff are treated fairly when a transfer takes place.

Jenny Willott

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